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Term Three in Prep One…

What a busy term it has been! We have been learning new letters, building our sight word knowledge, swimming, rehearsing for Wakakirri, creating beautiful artwork, learning new musical rhythms and songs, playing games, learning all about numbers and even making snowballs!

Our swimming program has been running for the past week and a bit and the children have been so enthusiastic. It has been wonderful to see them building their confidence in the water. We have to thank the wonderful parent helpers who have been so kind to volunteer their time to help us at the pool, we are all so grateful. The children have done some lovely artwork and writing about the swimming program, which is displayed outside the classroom.

Wednesday August 5th is Wakakirri and to those of you are part of this amazing production, we are so proud of you! All the best for the day and the evening, we hope you have fun!