Students in Years 3 – 6 take part in an exciting reading experience called Accelerated Reading.

At the commencement of this program students complete a comprehension test on a computer and then have individual reading goals set by their teachers.

All children are then encouraged to read regularly from a wide range of library books. Paul Jennings, Roald Dahl and J.K. Rowling are popular authors among the hundreds featured in the program. Students are guided to books that match their reading ability and enthusiasm.

As books are completed the readers access a multiple choice comprehension test about their book on the computer.  If they have understood the book they will be able to answer the questions and will earn points towards their goal.

The students are very excited when they reach their goal. This achievement is celebrated within the class, at school assemblies and in the School Newsletter.

Students at our school love reading and are achieving great results because they understand what they read.