The SLU is made up of home groups with a mixture of students from 5 & 6

The  teachers are committed to working together to create an interesting positive learning community. They aim to help the students develop resilience and the real feeling of belonging to a team.

They plan everything together from the weekly direction, to homework, to curriculum and assessment. Support for every student comes from all year 5/6 teachers and each individual’s learning is the responsibility of the team.

The Unit meets regularly to discuss issues, update diaries, share news, plan, and take part in joint activities. The children regularly move around to participate in activities that best suit them.

As well the children still have many opportunities to spend time in their home groups, and taking part in specific Year5/6 activities.   The children then have developed a strong sense of belonging both to their own Grade (Five or Six) and to their own home group, as well as the Unit.   The Senior Learning Unit has produced confident, capable students with strongly developed leadership skills.